Midland Conscious Sedation provides short acting conscious sedation for dental surgical patients using modern equipment and adhering to relevant national guidance. Patient safety is our primary concern.


Any medical device may fail during usage. This may be due to external factors (e.g. power failure) or internal factors (e.g. device failure):

  • External

    Monitoring and infusion equipment provided by MIC has battery back-up for short term use in the event of a power failure. If there is a failure of mains supply, sedation will be terminated and the patient observed until they are suitably recovered from the effects of sedation.

  • Internal

    In the event of failure of a monitor, sedation will be discontinued, the patient observed clinically by the attending anaesthetist and any available backup monitoring devices used until the patient is suitably recovered from the effects of sedation.

    In the event of the failure of an infusion device whilst in use, sedation may be continued by bolus technique if safe and appropriate to do so and after discussion with the attending dental surgeon.


In the event of any equipment failure, an incident report will be created at both the dental surgery and within MIC for further investigation.